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Lyric Bender

For the bender in all of us.

Lyricbenders - A Lyrical Icontest Community
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Welcome to Lyric Benders. An Icontest deticated to the American anime/cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is simalar to any other icontest, except the words you use on you icon are lyrics.

1.You must be a member to submit or vote.
2. Respect everyone
3. All icons must be LJ applicable. (100x100, 40kb)
4. Files must be PNG, JPG, or GIF.
5. Please keep the icons anonymous until the contest is finished, and the winners posted. Otherwise, it will be disqualified.
6. Animated icons allowed.
7. Everyone is able to submit icons. Even myself.
8. Keep your vote to yourself.
9. Must have three consecutive words from the lyrics
10. No Fanarts.

Monday: Winners Posted, New Theme Posted
Monday-Friday: Subbmission
Saturday: Voting Posted
Saturday-Sunday: Voting

Your submission should look like this.

Image URL
Here's the coding for you convenience.

Week# / Theme / Winner
No winners yet. :(